Escort boy st tropez
Escort boy st tropez
Escort boy st tropez

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July 31, 2022



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Bonjours je m’appelle Valentin je suis disponible sur st tropez si vous souhaiter me rencontré il y a aucun soucis vous pouvais me contacter au 0688452120.

je suis disponible 24/24 7/7

il est préférable de me prévenir quelque heur à l’avance pour que je soit disponible.

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Friendly Warning

Tell that you are calling from, to getting excellent service.

Do not send money up front to set an appointment, it can be a scam!!!
If they ask you to buy recharge tickets from Tobacco shops (transcash or similar) it is possibly a scam.
Do not buy, or validate on any page the code. Probably they will steal your money.
Report these and similar suspicious situations to us.


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